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SOUTH CLT Jr. NBA "Starter" Training Classes  Basketball

Fall/Winter 2017
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Charlotte Latin School

These are Sunday training classes throughout the fall and winter that follow the Jr. NBA "Starter" level curriculum and are for intermediate level boys and girls in grades 4-9. 

The Jr. NBA has developed a new, turnkey instructional curriculum designed to better the youth basketball experience for players, parents, and coaches. The curriculum features four levels - Rookie, Starter, All-Star, and MVP - that provide proper instruction to youth players at every level of skill development.

At the Starter level, the fundamental skills begin to be honed and expanded upon. As players have now been exposed to the game, they will start to understand how to play in a team setting. It is in the Starter level that we begin introducing team offensive and team defensive concepts. The goal of the Starter level is to continue having fun, develop further skills, and begin to understand team concepts.

At the Starter level, we will build on the basic fundamentals previously acquired, as well as introduce more specific skills. Here we implement more fakes, specific dribble moves, rebounding and much more. While there is still an emphasis on individual skill development, the Starter level will also incorporate team offense and team defense into practice plans.

Once player successfully complete the "Starter" level, they can then move on to the "All-Star" level. For more information on the Jr. NBA Instructional Curriculum please visit their website here!

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